Rice Portfolio Program for FullPage™ Growers

Take care of your investment as well as you take care of your crops.

Rice growers using ADAMA’s Preface™ & Postscript™ herbicides with the RiceTec FullPage™ Rice Cropping Solution qualify for rebates. Growers who are eligible for Preface™ and Postscript™ rebates also qualify for additional rebates on both Zurax™ L and Vopak™ 3ME.

Purchases must be made through one of ADAMA’s authorized dealers. The calculator below helps estimate rebate totals based on volume purchased. Growers must submit proof of purchase of volumes by July 15, 2020. Payments will be issued from RiceTec by October 30, 2020. Enter the number of acres you’ll be treating with each product to determine your estimated rebate.

Acres of:
(min. 102 acres to qualify)
Total Estimated Rebate:



* Minimum combined purchase of 8 gallons of Preface™ &/or Postscript™ to qualify for a $19 per gallon rebate. Payments will be made on volumes validated with proof of purchase of FullPage Rice Cropping Solution seed and Preface™ &/or Postscript™ herbicides. Once qualified for Preface™ &/or Postscript™ rebate you can earn additional $8.00 per gallon on all purchases of Vopak™ 3ME or Zurax™ L. Rebate estimates for Preface™ and Postscript™ are rounded up to the nearest gallon. Rebate estimates for Vopak™ 3ME and Zurax™ L are rounded up to the nearest 2.5 gallons.

Preface™ & Postscript™ Herbicides with the FullPage™ Rice Cropping Solution

ADAMA is committed to rice growers’ successful yields now and in the future. These herbicides provide excellent control of weedy, red and feral rice, as well as barnyard grass and most other common and troublesome rice weeds. To learn more about ADAMA's rice crop protection solutions click here.

Vopak™ 3ME

Vopak™ 3ME is a cost-effective brand of clomazone herbicide powerful enough for weed control but with high crop safety when applied preplant through early postemergence. It’s formulated with microencapsulation to meet the needs of both ground and aerial applicators. It has excellent residual activity and controls both grass and broadleaf weeds before they emerge.

Zurax™ L

A great companion to the FullPage Rice Cropping Solution, Zurax™ L is a new liquid formulation of quinclorac. It’s simple to use and gives rice growers reliable control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds and can be applied in a foliar manner. It provides easy handling, a flexible application window and can be applied to the soil before, during or after planting dry seeded rice.

Regain your field advantage.


Program Qualifications

The ADAMA Rice Portfolio rebate is only for rice growers using the FullPage™ Rice Cropping Solution and Preface™ and Postscript™ herbicides.
To qualify, Preface™, Postscript™, Vopak™ 3ME & Zurax™ L can be purchased from different approved retailer locations.
Visit rebates.adama.com, to sign up for ADAMA’s Portfolio Program for FullPage™ Growers and document purchases to receive earned rebates.
Growers must submit proof of purchase of volumes by July 15,2020.
Payment will be issued from RiceTec by October 30, 2020.
If you find a program payment discrepancy, claims must be received in writing by ADAMA by November 30, 2020.
ADAMA may modify or cancel its programs, in whole or in part without prior notice.

Questions concerning the rebate program or how to complete the online forms? Please email rebates.us@adama.com or call 866-406-6262.